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Options available on our rail-road shunters

Our SOCOTRAC shunters can be customised for the best possible match with your operating requirements.

These include :

Industrial radio control
for remote manoeuvres and optimised operating personnel
Reversing and/or rerailing camera
Two-pipe air brake CP – CG
(general automatic brake operation)
Automatic hitching
UM (Multiple Union)
Control of 2 shunters in rail mode
Dual control post

Other options…

  • Automatic motor cut-out: Cuts out the thermal motor automatically when not used for thirty minutes, for example, in total safety (fuel economy).
  • Remote controlled starting assistance (ADR): The on-board electronics incorporate an anti-skid system and optimise the adherence of the shunter on the track in real time.
  • Maintenance assistance: This option indicates, on the instrument panel display, “routine” maintenance (oil change, services, etc.) and stores the machine’s parameters (temperature, pressure alarm, etc.), which can also be printed.
  • Derailment safety device: This option can be useful for radio-controlled manoeuvres of very long convoys. The operator can work more than 500 metres away and may not notice the machine “leaving” the track. A sensor system coupled to the PLC overcomes the problem by stopping the machine automatically.

ATEX standard

  • As an option, TRACFER equips its machines with regulatory explosive atmosphere devices. With the support of suppliers and certified bodies, based on specifications matching our customers’ requirements, we can install explosion protection devices (damper valve, flame arrestor and spark arrestor).

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