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Diesel rail-road shunter range

A legacy of the long TRACTO lineage, the SOCOTRAC rail-road shunters have evolved by incorporating the latest technologies and standards in force whilst maintaining the major advantages that have forged the reputation of these machines.

The SOCOTRAC masterpiece is the tubular chassis in high strength steel. This provides excellent inertia and is framed in two 80 mm-thick decks that ensure the safety of the machine and its operators.

The ZF gearbox/converter is the heart of the machine and the best on the market. The intrinsic gearbox control ensures optimum use with a considerable lifespan.
Driven by industrial motors – Perkins and Scania – to the latest environmental standards, their performances are universally recognised with 25% torque in reserve to extend the lifespan, optimise fuel consumption and allow extreme use of machines.

The high-quality rail equipment gives unrivalled performances :

  • Rail wheels of Ø400 or 600 mm depending on the range,
  • Vane compressor 2400 l/min for super fast wagon braking,
  • Hinged trolley stretchers on the decks that guide the machine perfectly regardless of the state of the network,
  • Two-pipe air brake CG at front and rear

The entire electrical circuit, wired as per industrial methods, uses the CAN Open 500 Kb/s network. The entire machine is steered by a PLC developed especially for the mobile application which can thus be configured to our customers’ requirements.

Cadmium-plated rigid piping is used for the hydraulic circuit; this limits sources of leaks and breakdowns. The entire control system is combined in a manifold.

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